Olena and Sergiy from The 38 Photography

Photo of us created by Svetlana Yanova

Olena and Sergiy
Sergiy (pronounced Sir-heey) and Olena (pronounced O-lan-ah) are the owners and photographers located in Calgary, Alberta.
We are happily married, and we couldn’t ask for a better partner as we travel on our life’s highway. 
Originally from Kharkiv, Ukraine, we moved to Calgary, Alberta, in 2009 and have made it our forever home. We’re located in Maple Ridge community in the southeast of Calgary.
Our Style
We are Calgary photographers specializing in photojournalistic documentary, lifestyle and travel photography. 
We are passionate photographers who love to tell stories through our photography. Therefore, we take a limited amount of assignments per year to dedicate more time to every client.
Extended Team
All this passion and love for life are driven by our love for each other and our furry kids. We love them to the moon and back - Mara (Husky and Labrador mix, sometimes called Huskador) and Maha (a fluffy cat who loves food and heat). We cherish what we have, life and each other. 
How to Hire Us
Contact us if you want to hire us for your project. We would love to capture your unique story.
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